Elimination Tournament Host Application Form

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Ontario Amateur Softball Association

Bid Form for an Elimination Tournament

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* OASA tournament guidelines, regulations, tournament draw and game times must be followed
(see Operating Rules 6 and 7). If your bid is successful, a detailed host guideline will be sent to you.

* If an OASA corporate sponsor is present, no product may be sold or given away that would interfere with the sponsor’s sales. The host is responsible for setting up tables for corporate sponsors, if necessary.

* The sale of souvenir apparel or reproduction of the OASA crest must have OASA approval.

* Any retail licenses required are the responsibility of the host.

* The opening ceremony (optional) is the responsibility of the host – no longer than 10-15 minutes.

* An OASA representative will introduce the Host Chairman and the OASA Executive present.

* The closing ceremony is the responsibility of the OASA.

* Qualified scorekeepers must be provided by the host for every game. Ball chasers should be provided.

* Teams may not be assessed any additional fee by the host.

This application to host MUST be in the office of the OASA Secretary by February 1 two years prior to the event. A cheque/money order payable to the OASA in the amount of $200.00 plus HST, MUST accompany the return of this bid form. The fee will be returned if the application is unsuccessful.

Mail to:
Karen Mills
OASA Secretary
7 Sarah Street
Napanee, ON K7R 3J4

I agree that by submitting this application, I am electronically signing this application.