At the Softball Canada AGM in November 2022 a motion was passed that revised the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) requirements for U23, Masters and Men’s teams attending Canadian Championships. Effective in 2023 these teams will only require the Head Coach to be Competition Introduction – Certified. All teams from U15 to U20 will still require all teams to have Head Coaches to be Competition Introduction – Certified and all Assistant Coaches to be Competition Introduction – Trained. The requirements for Competition Introduction – Trained or Certified are shown on the Softball Canada website.

At OASA’s AGM in February there will be a motion to align our coaching requirements with Softball Canada in addition to our requirements for U9, U11 and U13 coaches that only play in our provincial events. Please see this document that shows the proposed requirements. OASA is looking for all coaches and team managers to have an NCCP # for the upcoming season. There is no cost to create your profile with the Coaching Association of Canada, which can be set up by going to this link Coaches Association of Canada – The Locker. At a minimum we are looking for all coaches to take the online modules of Foundations of Coaching Softball Part I and II and Make Ethical Decisions depending on the age group that you are coaching.

Softball Ontario has published a listing of Competition Introduction clinics from December through to the end of February in multiple locations across the province. Some additional ones are being planned that will be published soon. Please be sure to register for the clinics that you will need for OASA or if you think that your team may qualify for a Canadian championship. Here is the link to the clinics: Softball Ontario Coaching Info and Clinics.

Please note the OASA coaching certification requirements for 2022:

2022 Coaching Certification Requirements

Our partners at Softball Ontario are offering the Competition – Introduction courses as follows in 2023:

Weekend #2: February 4-5
Weekend #2: February 4-5
Weekend #1: February 11-12
Weekend #2: February 25-26
Weekend #2: March 11-12
Weekend #1: March 18-19
Weekend #2: April 1 – 2
Weekend #1: April 22-23
Weekend #2: April 29-30

There is also a Community Softball Coach training course in Toronto on February 25.
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