F.R Feaver Memorial Trophy Nomination Form

The F. R. Feaver Memorial Trophy was first introduced in 1972 and is awarded annually in memory of Frank Feaver who was the OASA Secretary from 1943 to 1956. Frank’s dedication, service and devotion played a major role in the expansion and development of the game of softball. The award is presented to a player, official or officer of any league or association who, in the opinion of the Feaver Awards Committee, has made an outstanding contribution to the game of softball.

The nominee must have participated in the game of Softball for a minimum of 20 years as a player, official, officer of any league or association, coach, manager, OASA Convenor. The nominee has also made other contributions to their community outside of Softball. The more information you provide will allow us to see the scope of their involvement in the game of softball.

Complete the application form and submit as per the instructions. Please submit the form before September 15 of the current year.