Ontario Amateur Softball Association
Insurance Program

The Ontario Amateur Softball Association is pleased to offer liability and accident insurance to all male or coed softball teams, leagues and associations throughout Ontario, as part of our Softball Ontario agreement between the member associations.

In order to activate insurance coverage for 2024 (Jan 1 – Dec 31) the contact person, on behalf of the teams or association to be covered, agrees to follow any OASA published policies and guidelines. Individual information and necessary waivers must be provided to OASA for anyone that is to be covered by the certificate. Failure to follow all OASA Guidelines will void any insurance coverage.

For the 2024 season OASA will be offering the following types of insurance packages.

Association Executive liability only package that will cover all of the executives and volunteers that oversee the league. Liability coverage for your teams must be taken in order to receive this coverage.

Team package that includes either just liability or liability and sport accident coverage for all players, managers, coaches and personnel associated with a team. Your insurance covers all games, practices, tournaments and events that are associated with your team.

Tournament Insurance package that will allow tournament organizers / hosts to purchase insurance just for their tournament weekend for teams that cannot provide proof of insurance for their team. Failure to provide proof of insurance for all teams in a tournament could jeopardize the use of Softball Ontario umpires as it will prevent them from being insured. This Tournament Insurance will be at a reduced rate but it will only provide coverage for that tournament. It will be more advantageous for teams that enter multiple tournaments to purchase our full year Liability and Sport Accident coverage.

All Third Party entities that are added to any insurance certificate will incur an additional charge for each one named.

The OASA also offers Special Events Liquor Liability insurance for your tournaments or banquets where alcohol is served, or for clinics.

Currently Gallagher Insurance does not have an out of country travel sport accident insurance offering for teams. If one is arranged, we will update our information accordingly. The liability insurance coverage is worldwide.

Depending on the type of insurance coverage that you are requesting we will require you to complete one or more of the following data collection forms: Association Executive Data Collection Form, Affiliated Data Collection Form, Non Affiliated (Insurance Only) Data Collection Form. These forms are to be returned to

You may view or download the forms listed below.

We look forward to serving your insurance needs.

Insurance Coordinator

Data Collection Forms
2024 OASA Non Affiliated (Insurance Only) Data Collection Form – (excel)
2024 OASA Affiliated Data Collection Form – (excel)
2024 OASA Association Executive Data Collection Form – (excel)

Insurance Forms
2024 OASA Insurance Summary – (pdf)
2024 Insurance Application – (excel) and (pdf) versions
2024 Liquor Liability Insurance Price Breakdown – (pdf) and (docx)
2024 Special Events Liquor Liability Insurance Application – (word) and (pdf) versions
2024 OASA Tournament Insurance Application Form – (excel) and (pdf) versions