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COVID-19 Waivers and Declarations
Release of Liability – Team Waiver June-20
Assumption of Risk and Waiver – Adult May-20
Assumption of Risk and Waiver – Minor and Adult May-20
Pre Tournament COVID-19 Team Declaration Aug-20

Return to Play Guidelines July-21

Concussion – Rowan’s Law
Concussion Policy Feb-20
Concussion Policy Summary Feb-20
Code of Conduct Coach Umpire Support Personnel 2019 Feb-20
Suspected Concussion Report Form Feb-20
Concussion Return to Play Protocol Feb-20
Rowan’s Law Webinar Questions and Answers Jul-19
Rowan’s Law Booklet ages 10 and under Jul-19
Rowan’s Law Booklet ages 11 to 14 Jul-19
Rowan’s Law Booklet ages 15 and up Jul-19

OASA Policies
Accessibility Policy Feb-20
 Anti-Doping Policy Apr-21
Appeal Process Flow Chart Feb-20
Canadians Payment and Pick Up Policy Feb-20
Code of Conduct Feb-20
Complaint Procedure Flow Chart Feb-20
Confidentiality Policy Feb-20
Conflict of Interest Policy Feb-20
Discipline Policy Feb-20
Discrimination Policy Feb-20
Inclusion Policy Feb-20
MVP Awards Policy Feb-20
Privacy Policy Feb-20
Risk Management Policy Feb-20
Safe Sport Policy Apr-21
Screening Policy Feb-20
Social Media Policy Feb-20
Softball Canada Bat Certification Apr-19
Strategic Plan 2021-2024 Dec-20
Team Ontario Selection Process Policy Feb-20