Life Member Award

Rules Regarding the Life member Award



Life Member Award

Article 1 – Purpose

The O.A.S.A. Life Membership award is bestowed on an individual to honour a person who has served our game of softball with distinction, prolonged and meritorious performance, and character accountability while a member of O.A.S.A. as well as serving softball in local community and the Province of Ontario.

Article 2 – Supervision

The supervision and control of the O.A.S.A. life Membership Award shall be under the control of the O.A.S.A. Executive Committee and administered by a Standing Committee.

Article 3 - The Committee

v  The Committee shall consist of five (5) members appointed by the O.A.S.A. President.

§  Two (2) shall be Life Members

§  Two (2) shall be current Executive Committee Members

§  One (1) appointed at large

 Article 4 - Mandate of the Committee

v  The Committee shall accept nominations by August 1 st.

v  Review/study the recommendations based on the established criteria. -Make a decision as to the acceptance or refusal of each nomination.

v  The nomination (selection) must be submitted to the O.A.S.A. Executive Committee for decision.

v  Approval of a nomination as O.A.S.A. life Member will require eighty (80%) of the Life Membership Standing Committee votes cast.

v  Vote will be by secret ballot

 Article 5 – Finances

v  Expenses appropriate to the Life Membership Committee function are the responsibility of the O.A.S.A.

v  Expenses of the individual inducted as an O.A.S.A. Life Member at our Annual General Meeting will be the responsibility of the O.A.S.A and include meals, travel and accommodation.

 Article 6 - Nominations

v  Nominations may originate from an individual, club, association, however, in all cases, the nomination must be approved by the Life Membership committee.

v  Written nominations must be accompanied by the required documents.

v  Nominations must be accompanied by at least one (1) photograph of the nominee.

v  Nominations must be in the hands of the Committee by August 1st.

v  Successful nominee will be inducted at the appropriate Annual General Meeting of the O.A.S.A.

 Article 7 - Eligibility

v  A person who has served our game of softball with distinction, prolonged and meritorious performance and character accountability

v  The individual must have been an Ontario resident/citizen during the period for which outstanding service is claimed

v  Any individual in the game of O.A.S.A. softball would be a candidate for nomination as an O.A.S.A. Life Member providing

§  he/she is in the game of softball for at least twenty (20) years, and

§  he/she is active in O.A.S.A. softball for at least fifteen (15) years

 Article 8 – Recognition

v  Successful inductee as an O.A.S.A. Life Member will receive

§  a suitably engraved plaque, and

§  an O.A.S.A. Life Membership lapel pin

Note: Lapel pins would be also presented to current Life Members

Article 9 - O.A.S.A. Life Membership Limit

 From Article III - Section 4 Life Membership of the Official Constitution and By-Law

            Life members shall not exceed twelve (12) at any time, and

            a maximum of one (1) Life Member can be inducted per year

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